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Original - Acrylic on Canvas - 62 × 105 cm
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About this artwork

Year2015 Dimensions62 × 105 cm (width×height) Medium Support

Painting: Acrylic, Glaze, Gold Leaf on Canvas.

This painting was created by BichardTroj - an artist duo that explore the nature of sexuality, storytelling and the art historical nude through the filters of contemporary culture. The motifs were based on the work of artist/photographer/filmmaker John Paul Bichard.

The painting technique used to paint these pieces resembles the Flemish method of layering thin veneers of paint between layers of varnish. The underpainting layer: pencils, pastels, and varnish. 1st painting layer: acrylics; detail layer: acrylic and glazes.

Created by Iva Troj

  • Styles: Fine Art

My son was 8 yrs old when he asked: So... art is about breaking things in the right places, is it not? I said: Yes. And we dismantled a vintage watch together.

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