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Original - Acrylic on Canvas - 100 × 100 cm
8,700$ (including taxes)

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About this artwork

Year2015 Dimensions100 × 100 cm (width×height) Medium Support

We all have dreams and some of us dream even when we are awake, some of us are daydream believers and inhabit another world in our mind. In this painting the arrow shaped white clouds symbolise the dreams the man and woman have, they are in different direction but they look the similar shape. When we dream, we all want to reach the paramount of our wishes perhaps this is the reason why woman are said to be from Venus and man from Mars, those are the dream planets that we have not reached yet, but we can reach to our inner world paramount by dreaming.

Created by COPLU

  • Styles: Abstract, Conceptual, Figurative

Life is for those who can become a beautiful song in a complete silence. Life is beautiful... My paintings come from the heart of life itself.

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