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Original - Oil, Acrylic Marker on Canvas - 80 × 80 cm
4,300$ (including taxes)
Artwork framed by the artist
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About this artwork

Year2016 Dimensions80 × 80 cm (width×height) Medium, Support

This Vanity belongs to a collection of 40 works "In vanités veritas".
How do we go from our prehistoric man with his small polished stone in his hand, to the builders of the pyramid of Cheops, without tools, or almost, oriented towards the constellation of Orion? As long as we do not know precisely what happened, we will be tempted to bring in forces from elsewhere that would have given us a big boost. If currently, we have an official history, that of men and its biological evolution, (Darwing, naturalist, 1809/1882) as well as historical and religious, we still seek. New technologies are challenging many things.
Translated automatically

Created by Arly Auclair

  • Styles: Figurative, Pop Art, Street Art

EXPLORER, peinture au couteau ou acrylique, collage, écriture, toute matière qui me permettra de raconter une histoire

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