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Om, Aum.

Sculpture - Spray paint, Mixed-Technique on Aluminium, Resin, Wood - 3 × 90 × 84 cm
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About this artwork

Year2021 Dimensions3 × 90 × 84 cm (depth×width×height) Medium,

Om-all-encompassing, the whole universe joined into a single sound.
Aum or Om when said aloud is like a three part word. A' represents creation, U' is manifestation, and M' is destruction.
The Om or Aum represents the union of mind, body and spirit.
The physical symbol of Om or Aum, it's various curves and lines represent the five states of consciousness:
The lower left curve represents the conscious, waking state of being.
The top left curve is the unconscious state.
The lower right curve is the dream state-the state between the waking and the unconscious.
The semicircle at the top is the Maya state. Maya means 'illusion'; the biggest obstacle to spiritual development.
The dot at the top represents the absolute state. It's the highest state of consciousness; the ultimate state of spiritual bliss when you can just be.
Science now confirms that our sun vibrates to the OM-AUM.

Created by Kevin Sweeney

I strive to constantly push my creative painting skills by evaluating human behaviour and the unfathomable depths of what is. Life.