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Original - Acrylic, Spray paint, Other on Canvas - 100 × 70 cm
2,600$ (including taxes)

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About this artwork

Year2020 Dimensions100 × 70 cm (width×height) Medium, , Support

I always aim for layering color in a way that every dot is different. For her brand new dot collection, it is the message: everybody is different.Niederhauser builds layers from the surface of each canvas to present dots of color that appear in 3D. This manipulation of space through color change and combination challenges the viewer’s perception of depth.CANVAS:This particular work is painted on a high quality woodpanel canvas which is 3.5cm deep and collaged with sheet music on all 4 sides.SERIES:It is part of her new series: everybody is different.INSPIRATION:I was very fascinated during packing of artworks to send overseas and discovered the bubble wrap paper with bubble and started to paint on those. It ended up with my new successful collection.COMMENTS FROM THE STUDIOThe base layer of this work is a collage of bookpages, I add bubble wrap paper and 4 layers of highest grade artist resin. Most bubbles are fully coveres with resin ans swim in it and are still visible as bubbles, in some parts of the artwork the bubbles are half in the resin. It gives a really nice play. The bookpages are on some parts still visible. I love how it turned out.

Created by Martina Niederhauser-Landtwing

Transforming memories and feelings into paintings - a diary written in color.

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