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Les 4 Héros

Original - Oil, Acrylic Marker on Canvas - 80 × 80 cm
4,300$ (including taxes)
Artwork framed by the artist
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About this artwork

Year2016 Dimensions80 × 80 cm (width×height) Medium, Support

This Vanity belongs to a collection of 40 works "In vanitas veritas".
4 Heroes: Zorro (a word meaning "fox" in Spanish) is a fictional character created in 1919 by Johnston McCulley (1883-1958): he is a masked vigilante dressed in black who fights injustice in Mexican California. Tintin's physical characteristics gradually take shape, in particular his puff, raised by the wind. Influenced by scouting, Tintin fights against evil in general. Snowy, his faithful companion is of a rare intelligence and remains my favorite. Popeye (nickname taken from his "punctured eye") is a gruff sailor, sensitive and who reacts violently if he is provoked, showing his strength and physical resistance. Lucky luke, who shoots faster than his shadow, is my first comic book. He is skilled with his gun and does not kill, but uses his shooting skills to disarm his opponents.
Translated automatically

Created by Arly Auclair

  • Styles: Figurative, Pop Art, Street Art

EXPLORER, peinture au couteau ou acrylique, collage, écriture, toute matière qui me permettra de raconter une histoire

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