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Leda e il cigno

Sculpture - Bronze - 15 × 28 × 42 cm


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About this artwork

Year2020 Dimensions15 × 28 × 42 cm (depth×width×height)

Leda e il cigno is a bronze sculpture of a girl wearing a crown and playing with her little swan.

The title (Leda and the Swan in Italian) is the title of a lost work by the Italian Renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinci, so this piece is a tribute to this magnificent artist that Francesca admires a lot.

The story refers to the myth of Leda, daughter of the king of Aetolia Testio and the wife of the Tindáreo, king of Sparta, one of the women seduced by Zeus. When Leda was walking along the river Eurotas, the king of the gods, Zeus, transformed into a swan, appeared to her and, pretending to be chased by an eagle, landed on it.

It is part of a serie called Los Niños y Sus Amigos Imaginarios (The children and their imaginary friends).
The series is special tribute to Children’s nature, to their capacity to see through this reality, to maintain the innocence, to have faith in the impossible, to always have hope, to be spontaneous, to be authentic.

The patina is simple and elegant: black and golden with a touch of green.

This piece is part of a series of 6, and the patina (colors) may vary a little from piece to piece (I always try to make them the most similar, but part of the patina’s beauty is exactly their uniqueness).

The size includes the base.

Created by Francesca Dalla Benetta

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