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Acrylic on Canvas, 76 × 92 cm
9,500$ (including taxes)

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About this artwork

Year2006 Dimensions76 × 92 cm (width x height) Support Medium

We all have dreams and some of us dream even when we are awake, some of us are daydream believers and inhabit another world in our mind, instead of all the sorrows, difficulties and problems of everyday life and the worries and fears, the tensions and doubts of our everyday, just where and when you want them, where waiting for you, most certainly a land of promise.
Imagine - that there is this windmill, its painted red, but the four wooden white arms of the sail that powers the mill, the mill that grinds the corn into flour, that grinds so fine, are not in this case powered by the wind. These windmill sails of unrobed ribs of wood are instead powered by the clouds that are tied to the ends of each of the four arms of the windmills sails, clouds composed of dreams, spinning round upon their axis, clouds that can bring the rain, the powerful clouds of tears that water the crops, the hopes and wishes that change the dark threatening clouds and whirling winds into the white clouds of summer bold against the sienna sky.

Created by COPLU

  • Styles: Abstract

Life is for those who can become a beautiful song in a complete silence. Life is beautiful... My paintings come from the heart of life itself.

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