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c’est l’horizontalité qui m’a sorti de ma torpeur

Original - Acrylic on Canvas - 160 × 100 cm
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About this artwork

Year2020 Dimensions160 × 100 cm (width×height) Medium Support

the Belgian artist will take advantage of the time
of the confinement to move away from the figurative. He will then completely embrace
the abstraction: "I already felt very free before. Today the palette of the experiences
experiences has widened even more. Art brut, with the work of abstraction that it requires,
brings up an interior life, a dialogue with myself, even new forms of regressions which come thus to feed
of regressions which come thus to feed a renewed work. By deforming the things
things, by twisting reality, I find that one approaches closer to the truth of the things."
A break in his work that is in no way synonymous with betrayal, because DUGA has
not at all turned his back on free figuration: "on the contrary, it serves me more than ever.
confides the artist. "The work of my textures, the inks, the pencil, the spray can that
the mixture of all the techniques that I operate from now on with the abstract are
The mixture of all the techniques that I operate from now on with the abstract are born of my figurative experience. I have the feeling that
now, the canvas vibrates even more strongly. Abstraction is liberating!"
Translated automatically

Created by Christian Dugardeynaka DUGA

C'est en déformant les choses qu'on se rapproche de la vérité

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