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Cervelle d’oiseau

Original - Acrylic, Ink on Paper - 20 × 25 cm
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About this artwork

Year2016 Dimensions20 × 25 cm (width×height) Medium, Support

The recurring theme of his work is Man, his joys, his happiness, his sadness, his fears, his loneliness, his demons, his cruelty, his passions, his inconsistencies, his contradictions, his History, his little stories of everyday life....
The detour of old documents, such as his old anatomy books, is one of his practices. He uses the pre-existing support and integrates it into a new artistic creation.
The inspiration is born from the substrate.
The drawing is very instinctive. He draws bodies, filiform ectoplasms that cover the text while demultiplying it. Modern palimpsests, not to be deciphered but to be felt.
To accentuate the spontaneity, the vitality, the instinctivity of the work, he uses the technique of the continuous line with a relatively fast gesture
His ink drawings fill the space of these anatomical plates, invade them, contaminate them, metamorphose them. They disturb the well determined space of the basic graphic field to give another version of reality.
The continuous line is an excellent way to enter a state of regression, far from the vicissitudes of real life that kills inspiration.
This continuous line represents his quest for Man and allows him to explore and question the human being, to try to understand him, through drawings tirelessly repeated but yet different, exploring every corner, every nook and cranny through multiple detours that lead me to .......
It is the urgency of this one, its vital aspect which allows it to find its Truth. It allows not to lose the authentic expression of its emotions.
Translated automatically

Created by Christian Dugardeynaka DUGA

C'est en déformant les choses qu'on se rapproche de la vérité

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