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Original - Oil on Canvas - 77 × 52 cm
Artwork framed by the artist


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About this artwork

Year2021 Dimensions77 × 52 cm (width×height) Medium Support

“Africa is poor, but we can try and help its people”. It’s a simple statement, repeated through a thousand images, newspaper stories and charity appeals each year, so that it takes on the weight of truth. When we read it, we reinforce assumptions and stories about Africa that we’ve heard throughout our lives. We reconfirm our image of Africa. Try something different. “Africa is rich but we steal its wealth.”
I have painted "Africa" in a realism style. I really wanted to focus the attention on the central child so I added a lot of detail to this figure whilst at the same time blurring the rest of the painting using larger brushes and a lot of blending. I really wanted the eyes of the child to scream out at the theft of Africa by so many countries throughout its history.

Created by James Earley

I want my work to scream

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