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Original - Oil on Canvas - 80 × 80 cm
4,300$ (including taxes)
Artwork framed by the artist
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About this artwork

Year2015 Dimensions80 × 80 cm (width×height) Medium Support

This Vanity belongs to a collection of 40 works "In vanités véritas". :
Originally, the mask is the face of "Guy Fawkes", a member of an English Catholic provincial group. It was he who planned the conspiracy, the most famous attempt to assassinate the king, James I, by wanting to blow up parliament in England.The film adaptation in 2008 with the character from the comic book "V for Vendetta" has positivized his fight, associated his image with the rebellion of the people and inspired many "indignant". Drawing skulls (vanities). My approach is transformed into echoes of memory, "if living is forgetting", I prefer a dissident reflection and choose to live by remembering, because for me the real death is forgetting. I propose a voyage of discovery, in order to remember, to discover for some, to learn for others, to share and to question ourselves, is it not in fact the function of art, to question us?
Translated automatically

Created by Arly Auclair

  • Styles: Figurative, Pop Art, Street Art

EXPLORER, peinture au couteau ou acrylique, collage, écriture, toute matière qui me permettra de raconter une histoire

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