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7 quadrati _ 225° Elemento del progetto From “0” to Infinity Story

Sculpture - Acrylic on Bronze, Steel - 23 × 33 × 19 cm
3,000$ (including taxes)
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About this artwork

Year2017 Dimensions23 × 33 × 19 cm (depth×width×height) Medium

The art with numbers project From "0" to Infinity Story-which to date includes more than 275 exclusive and personalized works, large and small, commissioned and not-is based on the idea of Paolo Grassi, a conceptual and visual artist, to create an infinite work but fragmented into Elements. Being the owner - even of a single fragment - gives a sense of belonging to From "0" to Infinity Story.
A conceptual work guarantees great flexibility as far as its more physical component is concerned, but on the other hand imposes stricter conditions on the subject. The numerical sequence must always be strictly respected and is absolutely not repeatable.
The project of only numbers From "0" to Infinity Story allows the Swiss artist Paolo Grassi to express himself with different mediums, styles and techniques, but linked together in the conceptual context of the infinite work that is the basis of it and of which each Element contains a secret in the realization technique, in the materials, in the sequence and in the numerical composition.
You can admire in the online store all the latest achievements and ask for information on works on commission.
Translated automatically

Created by Paolo Grassi

  • Work on commission
  • Styles: Abstract, Conceptual, Geometric, Minimalism, Pop Art, Street Art

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