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#326 New Normality

Original - Other on Plywood - 64 × 84 cm
1,700$ (including taxes)
Artwork framed by the artist
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About this artwork

Year2021 Dimensions64 × 84 cm (width×height) Medium Support

Filler, oak frame | 8 kg

What is perceived as normal in the normative sense varies over time. This is a crucial battleground for powers that wish to influence society in a repressive and totalitarian direction. The repression of marginalised groups is what primarily characterises a totalitarian movement. Pushing the boundaries of what these are expected to endure, what is perceived as acceptable treatment, opens up a space for fascist policies. Dehumanising descriptions are presented as criticism within the field for freedom of expression. By attacking several areas simultaneously, one manages to create confusion and internal conflicts, thereby weakening any organised resistance. It is important to stress that there is a connection between far-right fascist groups that transgress normality, and the establishment of neoliberal policies, with the dismantling of welfare solutions and ethical, solidarity-breaking norms at the centre. Visibly alienated groups create a regime of fear, which in turn enables mass submission to the inexorably hierarchical and performance-based system capitalism is, in its purest form.

Created by Johan Söderström

“Perfection is the willingness to be imperfect.” — Lao Tzu

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