" L'art, mes enfants, c'est d'être absolument soi-même " ( Paul Verlaine )
  • Styles: Geometric

Stéphane BULAN was born in 1954 in La Rochelle.
Even before he reached his twentieth year, his works were already on the walls of one of the most prestigious Parisian galleries of the time: the Drouant Gallery.
Then, still in Paris, there were the Guigné and Art Club galleries, and especially Art Conseil International and its European Art Centre on Avenue Victor Hugo.
In each of these renowned places, a public from all over the world could discover the work of the painter from La Rochelle.
Many foreign art dealers noticed his work, which naturally led him to occupy American, Swiss and Canadian galleries. ....
Since then, more than one hundred and thirty solo exhibitions have made up Stéphane BULAN's career.
From his London studio, he can see the place where Hyde Park becomes Kensington-Garden.
It is also there that he found the passage between the often minimalist figuration and the geometric abstraction that he likes today.
His images remain marked by a deep taste for the rigorous construction of the drawing and by that of the strongest tones, bursting with optimism and vitality.

( Stéphane BULAN is a member of the TAYLOR FOUNDATION )
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