Born in Saint-Brieuc in 1982, SMOKA has been drawing since he was very young. He discovered graffiti and its universe in the 90s. Fascinated by all these colors and frescoes with incredible dimensions, he launches out to the assault of the walls in 1998. Self-taught and perfectionist by nature, he first explores different styles of lettering with demanding techniques.

He then studied graphic design in Quimper and crossed his knowledge with his painting practice.

Joining the 100 Pression artists' collective in Nantes in 2006, he multiplies projects and discovers new supports: giant facades, canvases, silk-screens...

In collective or solo, he has been participating for the last ten years in numerous Urban Art projects throughout Europe in parallel to his painting in the studio, which he considers to be his graphic experimentation laboratory.

His work as a muralist mixes portraits, typography, patterns and materials, creating dynamic compositions and a unique universe. Motifs and colors become the main elements of his practice, giving rhythm to his works between abstraction and figuration. His frescoes question our beliefs, confront our human certainties with the reality of the world and Nature.
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