It comes from the inside out rather than from the outside in.
  • Styles: Fine Art, Impressionism, Realism

Markus Angelil is an artist based in the United Kingdom whose works reflect the beauty of both nature and individuals through simplicity. Having experimented with both pastels and watercolors, Angelil finds that oils are the most flexible medium for him, with which he now paints exclusively. He enjoys drawing with graphite when he travels.

Interview of Markus Angelil for Gallery Crillon

Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your background?

Markus Angelil is a painter living in Richmond Upon Thames, UK. He was born and raised in Switzerland by an Irish mother and a Lebanese father.

After meeting his American wife Lara, they moved together to Santa Barbara in the United States and lived there for a few years. Shortly after getting married they decided to move to London and chose the borough of Richmond where Markus whose profession is graphic design, started to draw pastels and now mainly paints with oils.

Are there any particular artists, art movements or visual traditions that influence your work?

I am very inspired by the 19th century French impressionist movement.

What emotions do you want to inspire through your artworks?

I very often paint landscape, trees and I am am hoping to portray their natural beauty.

What is the most beautiful memory of your artistic journey?

The first oil painting I finished and liked.

What's your connection with Japan?

I love Japanese culture, whether it is the art or its philosophy.

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