"Il est vrai que le monde est ce que nous voyons et que, pourtant, il nous faut apprendre à le voir." Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Painting of the in-between, of the interstice, of duality, half-breed brush, multiple techniques... Ly-Rose's work is organized in series, like so much engaged or playful research.
Between abstraction and figuration, light and opacity, glaze and impasto, interiority and gesturality, water and earth, earth and sky, lightness and depth, Ly-Rose keeps the essential thread to weave a work.
The long contemplations of the Atlantic Ocean of her childhood left her with a taste for the horizon, the infinite space of all possibilities... The years spent in Africa have influenced his work, Africa as a trace, magic wounding the matter of scarifications, tattoos, superimpositions of layers, solar palette, rituals of words veiled and revealed, as many palimpsests giving birth to the work.
A time on a Caribbean island, a fascination for the desert, so many threatened lands... Layers that are superimposed on the canvas like the strata of the earth and the piled up palpitations of the stories of humanity, luminous transparencies, solid impastos, bubblings, the storm and the calm, the tree and the water, order and chaos... Ly-Rose captures, tells, questions and superimposes moments and looks. For 30 years, tirelessly, from series to series, her painting, strong, sensual and deep, searches and shows a world, her world, sublimates it, searches it, questions it, tracks down the unspeakable, and plunges the spectator into the intimate and the universal at the same time.
Master II in Plastic Arts at the University Panthéon Sorbonne Paris
Fine Arts workshops in Drawing Engraving Painting.
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Interview of Ly-Rose for Gallery Crillon

How have your life path and experiences influenced your artistic style?

"As man must bathe in the air, the carp must bathe in the water, the tree must bathe in the light.
For planted in the earth by its roots, planted in the stars by its branches, it is the path of exchange between the stars and us"
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

As a young woman in Africa, I was deeply marked by the intensive deforestation of the primary forest in order to plant coffee and cocoa.

From that time, I still remember the convoys of trucks loaded with large trunks piled up, the smell of fire, the rapid disappearance of animals and, long before the current belated awareness, my anguish at the idea of the dramatic consequences that this destruction would have on the environment and the entire living world.
My real name comes from the oak tree and from generation to generation, my family has worked and loved wood.
My relationship with trees is therefore very strong:
African trees of course, but also olive trees, oaks, umbrella pines, acacias... For me, trees are the backbone of the world, they tell us our own story, teach us wisdom and verticality.

I often work in mixed media, with a finish of oil paint on paper and prints in order to find the texture of the bark, the vein of the leaf, the folded aspect of the trunk where my stories are buried. Do not try to decipher my texts. Only the tree can read them.

What are you trying to say in your work? What are the main themes you address in your work?

I write in the painting, it is a ritual. Each canvas always contains messages visible or invisible but rarely readable, simply catharsis and not given to see.

Explain from the Latin "Explicare Deployer" and "Plicare Plier". My words are not explained.

My words are hidden and not unfolded. They are "Folded Words."

Incantations, instantly forgotten poems, wishes to the universe ... covered or not with paint, my words are there, well buried, intimate, in the palimpsest of the layers of the pictorial work.


What emotions do you want to inspire through your work?

"It is true both that the world is what we see and that, nevertheless, we must learn to see it"
Maurice Merleau-Ponty
It is very important to be in communion with nature and the environment. My painting sometimes denounces tsunamis and forest fires, but there are also works that only address themselves.

What is the best memory of your artistic career?

My exhibition at the Galerie Liliane François, rue de Seine in Paris.

What would you do in life if you had not become an artist?

If I hadn't become a painter, I would have become a writer, for sure.

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Artist's artworks

Artist's credentials

Exposition solo (1984 - 03 - 26)
Plus de 350 expositions solo ou foires d'Art contemporain à son actif, aussi bien en France: Paris, Marseille, Aix en Provence, Lille, Rennes, La Rochelle... qu'à l'étranger: Côte d'Ivoire, Belgique, Suisse, Japon, Maroc...
Exposition solo (2021 - 01 - 26)
En ce moment des oeuvres de Ly-Rose sont exposées à la C.S. Gallery 18 rue Dauphine 75006 Paris M° Pont neuf Mabillon Saint-Michel