I always aim to find something beautiful or intriguing in the mundane everyday environment.

I am interested in creating figurative paintings, often with solitary figures within a landscape intending to create a narrative or memory within my paintings.
I work with oil on silk, a practice that I have developed over the past 6 years, working from my photographs as inspiration. Often the mundane and ordinary things that I notice in my everyday journeys or walks become the point of interest for me.

Interview of Georgia Peskett for Gallery Crillon

How would you describe your artistic style?

My painting practice is oil and wax on silk.
I am attempting to convey a sense of the transient in my work, often using themes such as travel or changes in season.
I enjoy using wax layers to give the work further depth on the silk surface.
My style is post conceptual painting.

How do you cultivate your artistic creation?

Beginning my process of making art I take digital photographs either on my phone or my camera.
Back in the studio the images will go through a rigorous selection process.
At the same time as this is happening I begin the process of creating the support which in itself is now a craft.
Stretching silk in a particular way over a surface takes a week or two.
Once I am pleased with the surface and the images I have selected, then I begin.

What do you feel when you create an artwork?

I feel that if I have got right the previous initial stages of what I am intending to make, the work will flow.
I don’t want to always know what the end result will look like, I want to surprise myself.

Can you tell us about a project you are currently working on?

Currently I am looking at the effects of water on glass such as condensation, rain and frost that effects the images I am making.
Viewing subjects from the outside looking in and the inside looking out.

What's your connection with Japan?

No connection with Japan

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Artist's artworks

Artist's credentials

Group exhibition (2015 - 06 - 01)
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition London
Group exhibition (2019 - 06 - 01)
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition London
Group exhibition (2020 - 10 - 01)
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
Group exhibition (2020 - 11 - 14)
The Discerning Eye Exhibition London