J'ai choisi de travailler au couteau pour favoriser la spontanéité et l'huile me permet d'obtenir des nuances escomptées...
  • Styles: Figurative, Impressionism

Born in the Bordeaux region in 1955, Dominique was attracted to drawing from a very young age. His future as an artist seemed to be mapped out until he had to take over the family business... Today, having completed his first work, Dominique can finally devote himself fully to his passion. There is life in each of his paintings, tenderness and sensuality when he talks about women, there is gaiety, a lot of gaiety and, sometimes, everything twirls, everything lights up on a market place, in front of a kiosk, in front of a monument or more simply in the nature that he dresses with ease and poetry...
Through his work, we feel instantly and strongly his personal development as a deep and intimate liberation, with this wish, this unique wish, to share it with us.
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« les villes mythiques »

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Salon d’art (2019 - 10 - 05)
sélectionné pour participer au Salon Académie BOITIAT à Barbizon