Il me semble, que c’est un grand art que de bien peindre, mais bien plus grand est l’art de toucher les âmes avec sa peinture !

Aude de Voc paints with passion. Particularly influenced by the work of Jackson Pollock, she expresses herself without limits on the canvas and tries to transmit her emotions through shapes and colours. Associating each of her compositions with an emotion, she draws her inspiration from her travels and encounters and pays particular attention to movement and matter.

Aude de Voc describes her work as "lyrical abstraction". This approach is expressed through a palette of luminous colours that she combines with bright acrylic tints. In front of the canvas, the artist seeks above all to create a visual harmony that symbolizes the emotion she feels when painting. Her work also reflects a deep research on texture, which she works essentially with acrylic paint associated with other materials in superposition.

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« rouge »

« BLEU »

« VERT »

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Artist's credentials

Exposition collective (2021)
Galerie David Cha - 51, avenue Montaigne 75008 PARIS
Collection permanente (2020)
Galerie Beauté du matin calme Village Suisse 75015 PARIS
Exposition collective (2020)
Paris Cologne / Cologne - Cologne, Allemagne
Exposition collective (2020)
Salon Maison et Objet (Ateliers d'Art de France) / Paris Nord Villepinte - Paris, France
Exposition collective (2019)
Regards Croisés Paris Séoul Pékin / Chine - Chine, Chine
Exposition collective (2019)
Artshopping Deauville / Deauville - Deauville, France
Exposition collective (2019)
International Comtemporary Art Exhibition / Tokyo - Tokyo, Japon
Exposition collective (2018)
Amsterdam Whitney Gallery / 531 West 25th street - New York, États-Unis
Exposition collective (2018)
The Brick Lane Gallery / 216 Brick Lane - Londres, Royaume-Uni